S-A-M Technologies GmbH is a Software technology company with the ability to engineer and manufacture mechanic, electric and embedded electronic Hardware.


Our core technologies are SW technologies with a special focus on robotics, IoT and AI.

The software architecture of SAM enables the application diversity of SAM, which is reflected in the huge number of different hardware features.

SW Architecture

The software functions are self-adapting without any user interaction – the user must only confirm the installed hardware and has to choose the application in which SAM should operate.

New AI features can by integrated on-demand by over the air-updates (OTA), triggered by a user command on the control panel – SAM control. This means if you have

  • a new kind of flower to pick,
  • a special palette or box in mind for transport,
  • or any new feature which needs a custom AI function or model

we will provide this tailored AI module over the air. If you have already some new features in mind please use our application proposal form.

The following key technologies are covered by an extensive Software Eco-System:

Image and video analysis

  • Object identification (pick, watering, selective weed, …)
  • Semantic and instance segmentation:
    • Row and lane detection during field operation – adaptive path planning
    • Field / way border identification (go-to mode)
  • Fiducial system analysis: Distance control (Follow-me mode)

IoT technologies

  • MQTT based data exchange between SAM, the IoT cam, Smart Jacket and others
  • Self-configuration of smart accessory devices (e.g. robot arm location and associated video device)
  • IoT hub with interfaces to
    • integrate IoT sensors (e.g. soil condition monitoring)
    • connect to different IoT ecosystems

GPS/GNSS technologies

  • Virtual fence and path-planning (initial setup)
  • GNSS data logger
  • Digital mapping: Crop / soil image inventory

Advanced Robotics

  • Robot arm control for pick, weed and water/fertilize
  • SAM drive and position control
  • Sensorfusion (3D control based on multiple 2D information)

Front end technologies

  • Device agnostic configuration and monitoring
  • RestAPI based access to SAM CCD
  • Control of OTA for models/methods

Cloud technologies

  • Store and analyze field data
  • Predict field/soil needs
  • AI model generation and training
  • OTA repository

High volume technologies to ensure affordability

  • 48V Lion battery technology for energy storage
  • Brushless 48V motor technology for drive motors
  • Servo based robot-arms
  • Cell phone camera technology for video and image recording
  • Ultrasonic distance sensors to realize a virtual “airbag”

Eco System

Zurb Foundation6

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