SAM – The product

SAM is a carrier for supervised or unsupervised / autonomous operation built on robotics and artificial Intelligence technologies with the focus to enable an affordable, sustainable and biological agriculture.

What makes SAM unique?

  • Easy to handle by 1 person (15-x-5 approach) – max. weight of a sub-component is 18 kg
  • Affordable – amortization in 2-3 years
  • Modular – Platform for wide range of applications

Function driven design – engineered for scale

15 – x – 5 approach
for autonomous operation


to assemble and adjust S-A-M acc. to the needs of the application to work in an autonomous mode


That’s the time it needs to do the job defined by the application and the size of the field


to disassemble S-A-M for transport

To assemble / disassemble, setup and configure SAM one person is needed. The configuration of SAM can be done upfront off- or online on the field with a Smart Device.

A modular approach to generate endless possibilities

4 mechanical base assemblies combined with 4 types of embedded control devices open up the following applications:

  • Weed – autonomous mode
  • Pick – autonomous mode
  • Transport in supervised (follow-me mode) or autonomous mode
  • Seed operation – autonomous mode
  • Watering & fertilize – autonomous mode
  • Cleaning – autonomous mode
  • Collect and transport EU palettes – autonomous or supervised mode

Applications >>

For some of the applications dedicated software libraries are needed (dedicated flower / fruits / … detection) . If we don’t have the library already in our repository we will create it, based on your input to expand our eco-system for a sustainable and broad agricultural landscape.