Water & Fertilize


For some of the applications dedicated software libraries are needed (dedicated flower / fruits / … detection) . If we don’t have the library already in our repository we will create it, based on your input to expand our eco-system for a sustainable and broad agricultural landscape.


for weed two possibilities are given:

Mechanical weed is done with the help of a self-height adjusting mechanical weed head running in-between the plants. The weed head can be equipped with 3rd party devices like:

  • tined weeder,
  • chain harrows,
  • bladed or star-toothed hoeing machines,
  • and others

Selective weed with the help of the robot arm and IoT CAM kit. Based on image analysis the weed is localized and with the robot arm different weed specific mechanism can be implemented:

  • weed driller
  • weed picker
  • thermal weed control


The Pick application is enabled by min. two robot arms, equipped with gripper and cutting tools. SAM has a container with a volume of 240L and a max. payload of 120kg for the harvest. Picking is done only in autonomous operation.

Picking needs a dedicated harvest SW module which contains the model to pick the fruit, flower, … in the right way. Basic models are available (based on the work already done), nevertheless there are a lot of applications open where the models must be developed over time with your contribution and help.

Typical applications are:

  • autonomous marigold picking
  • autonomous cucumber harvest
  • for additional applications please use our application proposal form


SAM can carry a payload of up to 200kg with a modular setup.

The image shows SAM with three 130L boxes.

Typical applications are:

  • Autonomous farm equipment transport on farm
  • Autonomous material handling for nursery and greenhouse market
  • Transport of any material in the follow me mode on farms and/or construction sides
  • Autonomous EU palette transportation & collection with a dedicated kit to increase speed & cycle time

Guided: SAM can be controlled with a drawbar if the vision-system is not installed. In this case SAM acts as a electric supported carrier. The drawbar is linked to the joystick-module.

Follow-me: SAM will follow a fiducial system in a pre-configured manner. If you use our smart jacket SAM will follow you and with the integrated buttons you can control some functionalities remote.

Autonomous: Full autonomous operations based on defined boundaries.


Typical seed applications are:

  • Marigold
  • crop / corn / fruit / grape with a max. plow depth to be handled by 2kW power

SAM is equipped with two ore more movable seed heads, which are self-adjustable in height and a seed container with a single seed drum. The control of the drum is done by our edge control device. The seed heads are pure mechanical systems and therefore easy to adapt and exchange. The standard seed heads are designed for 12.5, 25 and 50 cm row distance.

SAMs wheel track can be extended to 2m with our extension bars. Therefore up to 4 seed heads (with one or three feeds per seed head) can be used.

A seed drum and container from any 3rd party can be integrated. If you have already an equipment, please let us know and we will check the possibilities to integrate.

Seed runs only in autonomous mode with our virtual fence devices.

Water & Fertilize (& cleaning)

Watering and fertilizing is done selective, means with the help of min. 2 robot arms equipped with our IoT Cam and an orifice acc. the application. The reservoir has max. 200L and contains also two feed pumps to supply the fluid to the orifice. The flow of the pump is controlled by our edge device.

For cleaning purposes also a high pressure water system can be installed.

Typical applications are:

  • selective flower or plant watering in autonomous mode
  • selective flower or plant fertilizing in autonomous mode
  • high pressure cleaning

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