As agricultural robotic company, we are always looking for new technologies, methods and ideas, which improves or can bring a significant benefit to your mission.
Our lab is a place where we offer you, our partners from the industry, the academics but also freelancer access to SAM to implement and test your topic after a joint evaluation.
The lab is also a place, which gives students the environment and support to step into the amazing world of robotics for a project, master or PhD thesis. If you have an idea, which boosts sustainability in an affordable way, please contact us.

Field test attendance / participation:

We will re-start our field testing experience in Q2/2020 with a marigold challenge. Seed, fertilizing, watering and pick operations are implemented and under test from 04/2020 on.
We look for further applications which we can support from mid 2020 on. The goal is to acquire data to train our models, to adapt and prove the hardware and software to be as productive as possible in 2021 for this kind of application.
Please complete the form below and we will contact you end of Q1/2020 to define with you the next steps.

    Application Proposal

    We are looking for new applications where we can use our technology to improve your daily live and ensure a sustainable agriculture.
    Please submit your application with the help of the form below. We will contact you on a short base to define how and when we can integrate it and if there is a possibility to test within your environment.